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Wildcard Easter is back!!!

Greetings Wildcard Army!

Our 8th Annual Easter Basket Drive is up and running! This year we'd like to change things up a bit given the warranted progress CHOC has made, and the feedback we've received.

To better serve CHOC's staff & kiddos, this year we will provide you with a basket - All you have to do is fill it with easter items! Feel free to decorate it! Please contact us on how to receive your Easter Basket(s). ( or text 714.814.2577)

Too busy? We would be more than happy to build your basket! Monetary donations & individual items are more than welcome.

Teen items are always in higher need.

Per CHOC, please NO CANDY OR STUFFED ANIMALS as noted above. It will be eaten by the Easter Bunny, not the kids.

Last day for drop off is April 9th. Social Media will be used for the most up to date information.

Much Love,



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