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The Holidays have arrived!!!

Happy almost Holiday Season!

It has been too long and we realize that! With the holidays around the corner we are behind, wondering where the year went. In all honesty focus was lost with the Board of Directors trying to make things happen for their families and careers this year. Since 100% of our donations go to the families we help (like most charities should do) we had to step away for a bit and focus on ourselves. We hope you all can understand that. We do hope you're all thriving and as the millenials say "Living your best life" as well.

As you all know this time of year is hard for us personally, but we do our best to get through it. As luck may have it, last year we stumbled upon Rudy's Christmas Trees and personally used their services. Let me tell you right now from personal experience, this is the way to go. We did the whole package (tree, wreath, garland, stand) and it was great. We were lucky enough to have Rudy himself come into our home and set up the tree in minutes. It was a next to flawless process, and for the cost totally worth it. Now I do understand there is something to be said for going out and picking a tree yourself, but this was literally the best quality tree we've had since I was a kid in my opinion. It smelled so fresh and wasn't crispy in a week like the recent years crops have given us. Couple that with Rudy guaranteeing you'll like the products and it's a no brainer. NOW, with that you must understand that just like anything else, all trees are not created equal and if you're super picky with most things in life, then it's understandable you need to see the product before you buy it. I think you won't be disappointed though if you know how we roll.

Don't need a tree because of belief or other reasons? Well look no more on how you can help out the marines at Camp Pendleton! Just leave a note at checkout that you'd like the tree to go to a Marine and it'll be handled. Triple win!

If you choose deliver please make sure you have a stand from this century. The old metal ones or the janky rebar/plastic one you saved from the tree lot doesn't count either. The new style is the way to go.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Pickup location and dates are TBD, but if I were you, I'd shoot for checkout before the 20th this month for free delivery and setup. We did this last year and will never turn back! Happy Holidays to all, and we hope you wrap up the year in good form!

Take care,


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