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Wildcard Army Blood Drive

Greetings Wildcard Army!

While Nixon was in the hospital he received numerous blood & platelet transfusions. I remember thinking at the time that I wish I could find out whose blood it was and give them a hug for literally helping to keep my boy alive. For Nixon it wasn’t a choice, it was a necessity to stay alive. On the other end of the spectrum, for that stranger it was a choice and not a necessity. I would just sit there staring at the bag of dark red liquid pumping into Nixon drop by drop, and wonder if the stranger knew the impact they had on my family’s life while s/he was out there doing whatever it is s/he does in his/her normal life.

Besides donating your organs when you perish, I can’t think of anything more selfless and easy to do for someone else’s livelihood. It doesn’t cost anything but your time, a little poke, and it literally can help save a life. With that, we have set up a few time slots on June 26th to donate blood for the patients of CHOC (Childrens Hospital of Orange County). We encourage you to join us help sick children by giving up little pieces of ourselves. It’s quick, easy, and free. All it costs is a little bit of time.

Please hit the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of our website to let us know what time slot you’ll be coming, so we can plan accordingly. The bottom right of the homepage has all the logistics if you need them, and if you have any questions hit this FAQ’s to see the requirements and such. We look forward to seeing you!

Take care,


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