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Wildcard 2nd Annual Easter Basket Drive

Greetings Wildcard Army!

We are hoping you’ll help out in our 2nd annual Easter Basket Drive for CHOC patients. Last year with the help of Allergan, we were able to give 50+ Easter Baskets to the sick children at CHOC who were not able to celebrate Easter the way they should. Although CHOC does a good job trying to make that day fun for the kids, they can always use our help. All you have to do is follow the instructions below and that’s it! There are all kinds of things you can put in an Easter basket besides candy and such, so hit this link to see what can and can’t be in the Easter basket. We have an inside source that has given me a few items the kids seem to like alot, but please don't limit yourselves to just these items. Be sure to check out that link!

- Bubbles (Small)

- Playdoh

- Stickers

- Hot Wheels

- Craft Sets (Peel & Stick)

- 99¢ Lego Sets

To top that off, Tustin Brewing Company will also donate 15% of your meal (5:00 p.m. -8:00 p.m.) to Wildcard Army if you stick around and eat after the drop off on the 29th. Drop off is accepted all day long if you can’t make that time frame.

Please share this with people who would like to help out, and many thanks in advance!

See you Sunday!

- Rich Hunter

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