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Birthday Benefit

The Wildcard Army will be at TBC Thursday, August 21st to celebrate Stephanie Hunter's birthday. And what better way to celebrate than to throw her a birthday party/fundraiser for Wildcard Army? Anyone and everyone is encouraged to come wish Steph a happy birthday, honor the life of her son Nixon, and help raise money for her non-profit, Wildcard Army. TBC will be donating 20% of all proceeds from anyone who mentions the Wildcard Army nonprofit organization. Nixon Wildcard Hunter touched so many people in his short time here and he will never be forgotten. His story is not over, it lives on through Stephanie, Rich and the Wildcard Army. You can read about Nixon's struggle and Wildcard Army's achievements and mission on this site. Come ready to celebrate Stephanie's birthday in the most meaningful way to her we can, supporting Wildcard Army. Bring the Noi$e people, I know you can!...

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