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Celebrating our Independence while giving it to others

Hi Everybody!

Hope your Independence Day holiday went well and you got everything in that you’d like for a 3 day weekend. It’s hard to believe half of the year is past us, and the next half seems to be going quicker. We’ve had a lot of things going on and, we’re almost pretty much caught up on all the minor tasks that have created what we you see today.

Before we get into it we’d like to thank and congratulate Jim Best for completing the Kokohead Challenge. He’ll be receiving a shirt and bracelet for getting up to the top and placing a rock by Nixon’s Tree!

First and foremost you can see there has been a full remodel of the website to accommodate more of what Wildcard Army is trying to accomplish. We still have the “Update” section to keep everyone in the loop of what we’re up to, but there’s now some other sections to check out as well, like the “Donate” button, “Projects” and “Store.” In the store you can now buy apparel of many sorts. You will only see shirts and leggings on display, but the beauty of this site is that there are so many ways to customize what you like from Jackets to Tank tops. First, pick a logo color you like, and from there you can hit the “Customize” button to make the logo bigger, smaller, or move the logo to where you want. You can add text or numbers to where you’d like, or just buy it the way it is. You’ll see you now have an option in color of the shirt, softness, style, etc. In fact there’s usually 125 different ways to go with each logo color. There’s now sizing for children as well which we’re very happy to introduce. Admittedly there are two flaws to this system though, and that is cost, and quality of the logo. However, we feel this is the best way to accommodate everyone’s different style and taste so we’re hoping you like it. We take in very little money from this as a result, but we want to have something available for everyone. Let us know if you see something you like on the site that we don’t have i.e. phone cover, mouse-pad, etc., and we’ll get it up on the site A.S.A.P.

You’ll also see the story written for Nixon has now been published into a book and is for sale. It costs $12.99 + $5.00 Shipping & Handling. Versions for iBook, Nook, & Kindle are hopefully soon to follow in the next month or so, but hardcopy is available now, so order one now for your child or a child you love! And while we’re at, it I’m going to get a shameless plug in and say please share this book on any social media platform, or by word of mouth possible. It’s greatly appreciated!

As you can see we’ve been busy! All this with the accomplishment of helping Heard Aid Foundation reach their goal of $49,000 to help people hear in the Wildcard 5k, accepting a check from Smoqued BBQ & Wells Fargo on the field at an Angel’s game, and donating the gift of hearing ourselves for a child.

We didn’t get a chance to let everyone know as we didn’t want to divert attention from the Wildcard 5k at the time, but Wildcard Army was able to pay for the very first Cochlear Implant Surgery at CHOC as they begin to implement their Cochlear Program. This child’s family did not have the money for pay for something of this caliber, much like the position we were in where all this started. To say the least it felt very rewarding, and we want everyone to know how grateful we are to help give that gift. You all should be proud of what you’ve done. You literally gave this child a fair shot at a somewhat normal life. Even though there may be some hiccups along the way, you helped improve another person’s life. Not many can say that or actually know that. Humanity at its finest if I must say so. You can see Wildcard Army’s other accomplishments on the home page, but this one is huge, and we can’t wait until the next opportunity.

We’re so happy with our progress in this very short amount of time, and we hope you feel the same as a member of Wildcard Army. We believe this our opportunity to be exceptional much like our son Nixon, and carry on his legacy in the best way we can. In the meantime look out for the next project soon, and snoop around the site to see all the new ways to grow the Wildcard Army in future.

Be well,


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