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Easter in the ICU

Greetings Wildcard Army!

Happy Easter to all who celebrate it! Today is another tough one for us for obvious reasons but we’re getting through it. If you look on the Wildcard Army Page you’ll see that we were able to donate 50+ Easter baskets to kids in the PICU & CVICU, and other departments at CHOC with the help of some great peeps at Allergan, Inc. & friends. Thanks to all involved! It was much appreciated by many at the hospital, and hopefully fulfilling for you as well.

The pic you see is from our first Wildcard Army member to complete The Wildcard Kokohead Challenge by Sarah Salcedo. Hats off to Sarah and thank you for visiting Nixon in Hawaii!

As you may have seen on Facebook, we’re moving all correspondence on there to the Wildcard Army Page so hopefully you all follow that page. There has been an edit to Nixon’s video at the end, so check that out if you’d like. This site will be changing soon as well. We’re also in the final stages of deciding of where a good chunk of Nixon’s money goes to at CHOC which is a tough one to decide as there are many programs there that could use it. The good news is that there will be many other future donations to assist the hospital from Wildcard Army, with help from you! Now that we have the housekeeping out of the way lets move onto the good stuff.

It has been decided the “Wildcard Run” will be held of afternoon of June 7th at Laguna Niguel Regional Park. It will be a competitive run for some, fun run for others at a 5k distance. There will be other family fun stuff to do as well so get your sneakers ready for some movement! All proceeds will be going to Hear Aid Foundation and registration will begin soon so hang tight! We are looking for vendors, exhibitors, sponsors, donations and helpers if interested, so please contact us. If you’d like to participate in this fashion, more details may be provided per your request. The story behind this event is amazing and inspiring. Make sure you pick up the next issue of Marmalade Magazine in local stores and shops to read an article about it. Based off of the story alone, it will also probably wind up in the news.

New logo means new merch! We’re looking for a better way to get you all the gear you want at a reasonable price. This may mean a dip in profits, but will hopefully wind up creating volume to make up for it as well as get the Wildcard Army name some exposure. Look out for the new portal to buy this through soon. We have some other good things coming up this summer, but I’ll hold off on talking about that until they’re ready to go. With that, have a good productive week and try to keep everything in perspective.

Take care,


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