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These donations are not just a mere way of showing your support. They're a way to change family's lives for the better. Whether it be $1 or $1,000, you are helping make this world a better place and you can see you donation in action through our updates.

Many California residents are unaware that most insurance company plans do not cover the cost of hearing aids/implants/devices that assist with hearing impairment. Despite the fact that hearing devices can successfully assist those with hearing impairment, insurance companies continue to advertently not include this coverage in their plans.  Would this type of denial be acceptable if it were vision impaired that require eyeglasses to see? Many other states have a mandate that insurance companies provide the coverage needed to assist with hearing impairments. California should be no different. Currently, hearing loss is the 2nd most common birth defect in the United States. You can help by joining our movement.  With your support California can continue to be one of the greatest places to live.  Join us on our journey to accomplish this goal. 


While we push to become the 14th state to mandate insurance coverage for hearing aids, we will continue to help families in need of other medical assistance as well.



If you would like to get involved with Wildcard Army or would like to combine forces for a project please contact us! 

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