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We also accept most cars, trucks, trailers, boats, RV's, motorcycles, off road vehicles, heavy equipment and other motorized vehicles as donations. Get rid of that space hog and de-clutter you're life while receiving a tax deduction!


These donations are not just a mere way of showing your support. They're a way to change families' lives for the better. Whether it be $1 or $1,000, you are helping make this world a better place and you can see your donation in action through our updates. 


We are 501(c)3 approved, so your donation can easily be tracked for write-off purposes. Help make a difference for a family today. From the second that button is hit, you are becoming a member of the Wildcard Army so prepare to BRING THE NOISE!

We believe the greatest gift you can give a sick child and their family is support when they have exhausted their resources. Knowing first hand what it's like to be exhausted, broken, and scared, Wildcard Army steps in to make that family's day a little better. Wildcard Army helps in a wide spectrum from families who need money to grab a decent meal because all their time is spent in a hospital, to holiday presents to brighten a child's day, to helping pay for surgeries that otherwise wouldn't be performed because insurance won't cover it, and the families can't afford it. 

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