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Mission Statement:


Helping children and families with medical issues in their time of need, when insurance companies and the government can’t or won’t help.  



Where it all started:


Nixon Wildcard Hunter was born medically fragile, including a profound bilateral hearing impairment. Much to their dismay, Nixon's parents found out their insurance company did not cover the cost of Cochlear Implants or Hearing Aids, which Nixon needed. Nixon’s parents Stephanie and Rich Hunter created a petition that received more than 45,000 signatures, resulting in their insurance company finally agreeing to cover the costs of the implants. With the help of HearAid Foundation, Nixon was fitted for hearing aids. Shortly after the fitting, Nixon was admitted to CHOC and would remain there for the next three months. Sadly Nixon passed away soon after peacefully in his parents arms, with too many medical complications stacked up against him.


Nixon accomplished more in his 8 months of life than some adults can claim in their entire lifespan. In true Nixon Wildcard Hunter form, he fought until the end. The strength Nixon displayed inspired people, the fight he possessed motivated people, and the love that surrounded him touched people. If you google Nixon's full name, he will consume the first two pages of google.


After spending an exorbitant amount of time in CHOC ICU’s with their son, the Hunters realized what helps them most with their devastating loss is helping other families children in need in Nixon’s honor and remembrance. With that, they formed the Wildcard Army. Wildcard Army has been assisting families in need with generous donations and help from people like YOU!!

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